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I am a writer and editor, and also do records management projects.

I love Toronto because it's such a multicultural city, and I now think I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, for that reason. But if I had to pick a "second choice" and "third choice," number two would be San Diego (if I could retain my Canadian citizenship), and number three would be Rheineck, Switzerland (ditto).

I have two degrees (BA and MA) in philosophy of world religions. I am ex- repeat ex- repeat EX-fundamentalist, and am currently writing a book on how fundamentalists think (and why they're so utterly dangerous and destructive). After 35 years as a fundie, having attended their Bible schools, done years of study, done missionary work, played in a Jesus band -- I know what they're about. And it ain't pretty.

I think the Bush regime and everyone connected to it are morally bankrupt, venal, deceptive, self-aggrandizing, and in many cases, outright evil. (This regime is NOT "conservative." It is probably THE most radical regime in U.S. history, whittling away at civil liberties at a pace that must have Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, et al rolling in their graves in horror. Real conservatives should be as terrified and horrified by them as I am.)

I believe that if they are not ripped out of power, root and branch and tiny capillary, North America will very soon become a fascist state of proportions nobody has ever imagined before -- except science fiction writers, whom nobody ever believed. Haven't read Canticle for Leibowitz? READ IT.